Truck drivers strike again today

Drivers strike

The Professional Driver Union will today, Wednesday hold a national strike following governments failure to address their concerns.

The concerns go back to 2020 where the drivers demanded government to reduce passport fees, force their employers to increase salaries of local drivers and prioritise Malawian drivers when loading goods in transit.

Another demand was that National Oil Company of Malawi (Nocma) should start loading trucks in Tanzania by December 2020.

The Union's Secretary General, Mphatso Mollen in a statement said since government has failed to sort out their issues as agreed, they will take to the streets.

“After all the concerns we hereby notify all parties that effect Wednesday, 14th, July there shall be no any Professional Driver who will drive on the roads of Malawi.

"They will all stay out of work until all raised concerns have been resolved,” Mollen wrote.

Detailed demands: 

Reduce passport fees from K12,000 to K6,000.

Another of the demand was to increase salary of local drivers from a minimum of K100,000 to a minimum of K140,000 and to prioritise Malawian transporters.