We have to look at what nature has endowed us with & work with it-CDH Investment


CDH Investment Bank says it will continue to create value for its clients arguing Malawi has opportunities to turn the economy around.

Kwame Ahadzi, Chief Executive Officer for CDH Investment made the remarks as the bank celebrates its 10th  anniversary under the theme: "10 years of creating value. Banking innovations that help your business grow".

Ahadzi explained that despite the gloomy economic outlook, there are bright spots in Malawi pointing out the country is "greatly endowed"

He mentioned agribusiness as one of the areas which can transform the country and even bring the much needed foreign exchange which is currently scarce.

CDH top brass
CDH top brass

He also singled out mega farms as the way to go in producing enough to feed the country and export citing examples of soya, wheat, sugar among other products.

"What can stop us from producing wheat enough quantities to export? Agribusiness is core if we can set ourselves up appropriately, we should be able to get there.

"Don't give up, we have been endowed; we have countries that have nothing but look at what they do for themselves; we have to look at what nature has endowed us with and work with it."

CDH Investment Bank has over the years managed to provide value for institutions among whom include governments, private institutions and individuals with tailor made solutions.

On the Social Corporate Responsibility front, CDH disclosed its is partnering with institutions to get them to understand what they do and vice versa.


The Investment firm is also setting up infrastructure as well as helping universities with students who cannot afford fees and equipment such as laptops.

Ahadzi emphasized people in the country have to be sensitized of the culture of investing opportunities.

CDH Investment Bank is a financial advisor primarily concerned with raising capital for companies, governments, or other organizations.

It acts as intermediaries between corporations and governments; those who require capital to grow and run their business and investors; who have money.

In 2021, the investment bank made K4,863 billion in earnings, representing an 11 percent year on year growth while its assets grew to K182,786 billion.