Another step father attempts to sell son with albinism

Boy with albinism

Police in Ntcheu are keeping in custody a Mozambican couple for offering for sale their four year old boy with albinism.

The incident happened at Tsangano Proper Trading Centre when police were tipped about the development by well-wishers.

Ntcheu police publicist, Hastings Chigalu identified the couple as Juwawo Bisiwasi, 19, and his wife, Sonia Sipotsi aged 30.

Chigalu said the couple entered Malawi through Tsangano on Thursday last week with a four year old boy with albinism and started visiting some drinking joints at Tsangano and other places looking for buyers.

 “Juwawo, who is the step father to the child told one of the so-called buyers that they are offering the boy at nine million, five hundred thousand Malawi Kwacha. In the course of selling the young boy, Juwawo also disclosed that he was also offering rifles for sale with a colleague in Neno,” said Chigalu.

The police spokesperson told Mana that well-wishers at the trading centre tipped police officers at Tsangano Police Unit of the two developments which led to the arrest of the couple and a village headman from Neno.

“The police officers posed as serious buyers and a deal was struck between them. They arranged to meet and complete the transactions the other day evening where they met and the two were arrested,“ he said.

Bisiwasi, and his wife, who hail from Nsiyankhungu village, Traditional Authority Chisamba, in  Makanga district, Mozambique, have been charged with Trafficking in Persons according to Chigalu.

Juwawo, will also alongside the Malawian village chief headman answer a case of being found in possession of a firearm without a license, which is an offence.

In June this year a Malawian step father and his wife were sentenced to life imprisonment for killing their 12 year-old son.