Angry mob kills habitual criminal in Mangochi

Angry mob

Ex-convict Mwaiwawo Kwitanda, 35, has been killed by an angry mob after he was caught red handed stealing in Mangochi.

Mangochi Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Amina Tepani Daudi confirmed the death to

According to Daudi the incident occurred in the wee hours of October 28, 2020 at Saiti Kadzuwa village Traditional Authority Mponda.

Amina Daudi
Tepani Daudi: Mob justice jeopardises investigations

She added that according to Police findings, Kwitanda previously served two jail terms and was among the recently pardoned inmates.

"On this material night, Kwitanda broke into the house of Witness Ndaona, 26 and went away with assorted items including K80,000  cash," she explained.

She added that the owner of the house was awakened as Kwitanda was breaking away and he shouted for help.

"Kwitanda was apprehended with some of the stolen  property by an angry mob who assaulted him heavily," she added.

According to Mangochi Police publicist the Police rushed to the scene and took him to Mangochi district hospital where death was pronounced upon arrival after he sustained severe head injuries.

She said that Postmortem conducted at the same hospital revealed that death was due to difficulties in breathing.

Meanwhile Police are investigating the matter to arrest the perpetrators of the mob justice.

Additionally, Police appeal to the public to avoid taking the law into their own hands as mob justice is not only illegal but also jeopardises crime investigation.

Mwaiwawo Kwitanda hailed from the same Saiti Kadzuwa village he was caught stealing from.

Mayamiko Majawa