APAM dismayed as albino baby is abducted in Chikwawa


A 20-month-old child with albinism in Chikwawa is reported to have been abducted by some unknown people in the wee hours of Friday, Malawi's national police spokesperson, James Kadazera has confirmed.

According to Kadadzera, the incident happened at Tulusida village, Traditional Authority Ngabu in the district where it is alleged that the girl was abducted from her mother as she was sleeping.

He says meanwhile the police has launched a manhunt into the matter promising that the nation will be updated of any outcome.

“The Malawi Police Service is informing Malawians of an investigation into a report of an abduction of a child with albinism in Chikwawa district,” says Kadadzera in a written statement.

The statement has on top of asking for those with information of the whereabouts of the child to tip the police also assured family members and relatives of police’s commitment to trace the abductors.

Reacting to this, the Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM)’s President, Ian Simbota says this is a heavy blow to people with albinism in the country.

He blames government for not focusing on completely ending the challenges that people with albinism faces.

“Government has failed to protect people with albinism and we are disappointed with Tonse Government as it has broken promise it made during campaign period that we will be safe,” says Simbota.

The APAM president says looking at the challenges his members have faced in the past three months, it is an indication that there is no progress in ensuring that the vice completely ends.

He cited delays to complete cases of suspects involved in these matters and demise of suspects when in police custody as some of the factors which are said to be affecting justice thus according to Simbota.

Since 2013, people with albinism in the country have been facing killings, abductions and removal of some body parts by some people with the belief they will become rich superstitiously.