Angry mob attacks police officer in Mzimba

Sub-inspector Bizwayo Jere

A police officer at Kafukule Police unit in Mzimba is battling for his life at Mzuzu Central Hospital after people from Ezaneni Village, Traditional Authority Mtwalo allegedly attacked him while in the line of duty.

Sub-inspector Bizwayo Jere was attacked along with a fellow unidentified police officer assigned to arrest an unnamed suspected Chamba (Cannabis Sativa) grower at Chigude.

According to a police report, the officers from Kafukule Police Post made a follow-up and found Cannabis Sativa in the grower's farm.

Later, the officers introduced themselves by showing their Malawi Police identity cards, and in the process, the accused person started resisting and shouted for rescue.

Family members mobilised themselves while carrying weapons such as axes and panga knives which they used to assault him.

In an attempt to scare the villagers away, Jere fired live ammunition into the crowd to scare them and shot one in the thigh.

The mob got angrier, overpowered the officer, took away his riffle with bullets, a handcuff, and a motorcycle which they later handed over to the Mzuzu Police.

Bizwaye Jere was taken to Kafukule health center where he was referred to Mzuzu Central Hospital for medical treatment.