Fredokiss calls for calm, to report to Fiscal Police


Hip Hop artist cum politician, Penjani Fredokiss Kalua knows he yields influence and has asked his fans and sympathisers to be at ease following arrest and bail.

Kalua is expected report back at Fiscal Police Offices in Lilongwe on Monday, September 19, 2022 on a charge of fraud.

Fans started asking for the person who reported him to Police, Daiton Bwanamusi and also threatened the law enforcement agency.

Kalua asked his fans to "be easy" as the situation flared.

Wilson Square used late Evison Matafale as evidence of police brutality on artists: "Fredokiss we won't be on easy my brother this is what exactly happened to the late Evison Matafale till he was killed in police custody this time we're not tolerating that ideology again. We're going to expose the unjustified matters at hand."

John Malema questioned the Police: "Give us details of the fraud he committed so that we don't fall prey of the same. That's what crime busting organisations do world over. They communicate to deter the reccuring of the case," while Portipher Mickson went as far saying: "Never trust police"

His longtime music collaborator, Jolly Bro who is in the United States went all the way to post vulgar videos directed at the Police and asked people why they are letting Bwanamusi tarnish Fredokiss's names.

Police in Lilongwe, where the issue was reported charged Kalua with ‘fraud other than false pretences’

On Friday, Kalua was arrested following a complaint that he and his two accomplices duped and defrauded Daiton Bwanamusi of money amounting to K6.3 million. 

So far, police have disclosed they have recovered part of the money and are currently hunting for the his accomplices.