Long wait for justice: Mussa John review ruling Sept 1

Mussa John

Mussa John, the lad who is fighting for justice will on September 1, 2022 hear the ruling regarding his application for judicial review.

John was convicted and sentenced to eight year for being found with huge amounts of Marijuana.

He had contested the possession charge in court and it is part of his grounds for seeking review.

John also claims to be 17 years and not 19 years as per the charge sheet which the prosecutors brought to court.

He is also fighting selective justice citing cases where others who have been found in possession have been fined instead of serving jail time.

The other argument which the state also agreed on was that the sentence meted out was too extreme.

The communication from the High Court pertaining the date has led to organisers of demonstrations to seek for his justice to postpone.

Led by Hip Hop artist, Penjani Kalua popularly known as 'Fredokiss' the demonstrations where were scheduled for 15 September have taken a back sit until the hearing.

Kalua and others were already on making head way as they delivered their notice of parade on Tuesday.

"For now we wait for Court ruling and Map Way forward. I will attend Court ruling. Those who can attend May do so🤛." Fredokiss said.

John's case has been of national interest as it sparked outrage on selective justice.