Police investigate murder at Mubas

Malawi Police Service

Malawi Police Service (MPS) has launched an investigation into the murder of a yet-to-be identified man by some students of Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (Mubas) on allegations of theft.

Police say they noted with concern that the students dragged the deceased into their campus while he was being assaulted and they later set him alight for attempting to steal from one of the female students; and that some police officers who tried to rescue the man were pelted with stones by the students

Harry Namwaza, deputy police spokesperson said: “We have launched investigations to apprehend the students involved in the murder of the unknown person”.

Reacting on the MPS platform on Facebook, Malawians shared their thoughts.

One concerned man wrote: “Just few days ago a Mubas lecturer was robbed and beaten mercilessly by these ruthless thugs and I didn’t hear any investigation being carried out now you are busy investigating who murdered the thief how are people supposed to trust the police service, protect citizens and act swiftly to the problems we face, am sure these cases will drop automatically”.

“We have been robbed cut and being beaten by these kind of guys yet the police does nothing. They have been stealing laptops, phones, money and stabbed just to mention a few and reports were finding police but they did nothing, now they are being active just because the students have reacted by burning that’s not on they should consider our security as well we are also human beings,” said a Mubas student.

MPS generally advices the public to stay calm and not take the law into their hands when such events happen. However, cases of mob justice are on the rise.