Chisale's certificate case takes off, adjourned to Nov 13

Norman Chisale

A court in Lilongwe has adjourned a case in which former Malawi president Pater Mutharika body guard, Norman Chisale is answering charges of using a fake JCE certificate to be recruited into the military.

The case hearing was preambled by Chisale's lawyers raising objection before the court that the trial cannot start as there are issues of mental capability of their client. 

The lawyers argued that until the issues of Chisale's mental capacity is addressed the cased should not start.

This did not go down well with State Prosecutor, Dr. Steven Kayuni, who objected that there are already files of two documents tendered in court validating that Chisale is mentally sound.

After a recess Chisale's charges were read in court. 

In the charges it is alleged that in September, 1996, the accused is said to have tendered false information to a public officer.

The charge did not go well with the defendants who argued that the state should disclose the name of the person who received the information.

Chisale's three lawyers Gilbert Khonyongwa, Festino Maere and Chancy Gondwe also objected to the state's failure to make full disclosures of the alleged Junior Certificate Examination (JCE) certificate and other Constitutional matters on time lapse on the charges as it allegedly happened 24 years ago.

Lilongwe Senior Resident Magistrate Shyreen Chirwa adjourned the case and has since set November 13, 2020 for ruling on whether or not Chisale should take plea on the two counts of impersonating a person named in a certificate and giving false information to a person employed in public service.

Chisale has a slew of other charges ranging from attempted murder to fraud.