Justice Kapindu says he never spoke to Mpinganjira

Justice Dr Kapindu
  • Justice Ivy Kamanga is next

Justice Dr Redson Kapundu appeared in court in Blantyre on Tuesday to say what he knows about the attempted bribery allegations levelled against retired banker Thom Mpinganjira. It transpired during proceedings that he never spoke to Mpinganjira.

The learned judge told the court he had previously listened to Mpinganjira's voice in the media and recognised it.

He was pressed on how he could identify it was him after telling the court he was never interested in Mpinganjira.

Lawyer Fostino Maere who was doing the cross examination asked for evidence of the touted parcel having money for the judges to share, to which the learned judge said they relied on what Justice Potani told them; that there was an attempt to bribe him.

Earlier, Patrice Nkhono, counsel for Mpinganjira rose to remind the court that Justice Kapindu was recounting what he was merely told.

In his testimony, he also said he had no evidence of any of the judges receiving any money.

Regarding the legality of Mpinganjira asking for Justice Potani’s number, he explained it was unusual to ask for a contact number of a judge and that the banker approached Justice Potani as ‘Chair’.

Justice Kapindu was quizzed on why the matter was not reported after he heard the two recordings where Mpinganjira had suggested he had a parcel for Chairperson of the Constitutional judges Justice Healey Potani.

In his response he said they would have lost their concentration in the presidential election case they were handling.

He added they wanted to give themselves time to strategise on how to report the matter but admitted it would have only taken a few minutes to report.

During the trial Maere asked for the court direction's because he wanted to go to Lilongwe for a case whose accused offender has been in jail for three years.

The Court granted Maere his request and trial resumes on Friday with Justice Ivy Kamanga taking to the stand and Anti-Corruption Bureau investigators to close it up.