Energy innovation benefits 150,000 people in Machinga

Safari camp, Clean energy

After years of walking more than 18 kilometres to the nearest district hospital, people of Group Village Head Chipamba in Machinga will  tell a different story as Chinduzi health post is set to be unveiled by Clean Energy Engineering Limited (CEEL)

With a grant fund of US$5,419 from World Connect, CEEL has constructed Chinduzi health post which will be powered by a unified solar system that uses clean energy. 

The clean energy has the ability to double the output power of a solar panel.

A population of at least 150,000 people of which 60% are women and children from  Likwenu, Naungu, Liwonde Secondary Schools and  Chinduzi respectively is expected to be served at the health post.

This development comes barely a week after the government announced that it will invest in solar power.

One of the innovators of the project Chris Mango explained that they got inspired to use clean energy because of the increasing demand for electricity in the country .

“Malawi needs better power options due to the ever growing demand for  electric power,” he said.

He added the invention would address most challenges which arise due to power outages and access in the country.

“This invention could possibly end most power access and outage problems that Malawian face,” he said.

Chinduzi health post is expected to provide services in child health, family planning, primary health aid, child growth monitoring and immunization. 

The villagers have expressed their excitement as the innovation will save them from traveling long distances as well as improve  their access to health.

This is the first of it’s kind technology in the country that stands to reduce solar panel costs due to its ability to generate double power output  as well as not being affected by the weather.

The first unit was installed at Shire eco safari Camp in Liwonde which uses the system to run all it’s operations.