Epidemiologist urges new government to formulate COVID-19 Bill

Dr. Titus Divala of College of Medicine

An epidemiologist has called on the incoming Government of Lazarus Chakwera and Saulos Chilima to seriously and urgently consider formulating a Coronavirus Bill.

Among others Dr. Titus Divala proposed that the bill should contain key evidence based approaches, finances, epidemic management structures up to community level in relationship with government departments and Ministries.

In his professional opinion which he said should support health worker efforts, he indicated that the legislation should seek Parliamentary mandate for the management of the pandemic.

The National Assembly is responsible for formulation of laws

“Beef up health workforce and quickly cut spillover mortality by reopening all health services, to pre-COVID-19 status,” said the health expert.

Divala who works with the College of Medicine, urged local communities to manage their epidemics by empowering locals and linking them to a continuous system of support and shield at risk populations.

On the re-opening of schools and economic activity, he stressed on the need to lay down road maps to the staggered noting that action demands having data and deliberate surveillance structures in place.