“Mw should explore unconventional ways of fighting COVID-19” First Lady

First Lady Monica Chakwera in Dowa district

First Lady Monica Chakwera says Malawi needs to reposition itself in exploring various unconventional ways of dealing with the novel Coronavirus whilst considering her own local settings and circumstances.

Acknowledging the impact the disease continues to have on the citizenry, she indicated that this should make all Malawians to work together in overcoming it.

Speaking on Tuesday at Dowa Distrcit hospital when she donated personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to COVID-19 which she received from the People’s Republic of China, she disclosed that her passion is to assist government in focusing on the most vulnerable and those affected by the pandemic.

“I will seek to support His Excellency the President and his government in raising awareness and attention of these affected members of our society so that, as a nation, we achieve inclusive growth and prosperity

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis and as a nation we should reposition ourselves to explore various unconventional ways in dealing with this pandemic taking into consideration our own local settings and circumstances” explained the First Lady.

Chakwera: "As a nation we should reposition ourselves to explore various unconventional ways in dealing with this pandemic"

She reminded the public on the need to reinforce the preventive measures against further infections such as washing of hands, maintaining social distance and use of face masks and hand sanitizers.

During the event, she made a donation of 17,600 medical and cloth masks, thermometers, hand-washing liquid soap, hand sanitizers to the district hospital and health centres.

Chakwera applauded the role played by frontline health workers who she noted are not only putting their lives on the line, but also that of their families adding that such sacrificial hearts makes all the difference.

Chakwera in COVID-19 handshake. Pictures by MCP Media Team 

“As it becomes more evident that the COVID-19 global crisis will be with us for a long time, we are all interested as Malawians more than ever in building healthcare capacity and ensure that our local health workers, who are our first line of defense and the heroes of the battle at hand, have the necessary tools and materials for their work”.

The First Lady acknowledged the health challenges the district is grappling with such as inadequate infrastructure, unreliable water supply, dilapidated waiting shelters, sanitation, shortage of staff, food, drugs and supplies, hospital equipment and ambulances.

She went on to assure the health workers that their efforts are not in vain but greatly appreciated adding that government is aware of the problems and committed to addressing them.

Chakwera stated that some of them will be addressed as soon as possible, while others will need long term planning and further assessments for them to be adequately resolved.