Appletiser recalled over levels of toxins

The recalled products

The Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) has announced Cocacola South Africa has recalled some batches of Appletiser.

CFTC said the recall notice indicated the products contain mycotoxin (Patulin) above the permitted tolerance for foodstuffs.

Patulin can occur in fruits such as apples due to fungal contamination.

Ingestion of Patulin may be associated with nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances and vomiting.

The subject products can be identified by looking at the Best Before (BB) date which is stamped at the bottom or top of the products.

The specific batches of the recalled Appletiser have the following date codes:

1250m     PET                                 BB07NOV21
750 non-returnable glass              BB30MAY22
275ml non-returnable glass          BB10JUN22
330ml Can                                     BB18MAY22
330ml Can                                     BB19MAY22
330ml Cab                                     BB23MAY22

In a statement, Apoche Itimu, Acting Executive Director for Cfct said: "In light of the above, the Commission is conducting inspections in the major cities to establish the availability of the subject products on the market and order traders to dispose of such.

I'm added: "The Commission would also like to inform traders not to sell the subject products to consumers. The Commission further advises consumers to take necessary precaution when purchasing the said products. 

Consumers are being encouraging to return any such products to their suppliers, and get a full refund if they purchased the same.