'Operation Vala Mask to curb 3rd wave surge'


Malawi government will Monday, July 19, 2021, start 'seriously enforcing all COVID-19 Rules and Regulations'.

Malawi is currently facing a surge in numbers of the third wave of the pandemic. Some 427 new cases, 173 new recoveries, 13 deaths were been reported in last 24 hours.

The rules and regulations which were issued due to the rise in COVID-19 cases are stipulated in the Public Health Act (Corona Virus and Covid-19 Prevention, Containment  and Management).

Law enforcement agency, Malawi Malawi Police Service in a communication said the operation, code-named 'Operation Vala Mask,' is aimed at ensuring adherence and compliance.

"Notable rules and regulations include wearing of face masks in public places, closing of bars and bottle stores by 10pm, seating capacity of 50 percent in public transport and a curfew starting from 10pm to 6am," reads the communique by National Spokesperson James Kadadzera.

Kadadzera warned those who are defying COVID-19 Rules and Regulations of arrests and subsequent prosecution.

The Police has come under fire for its excessive use of force, arbitrary arrests and it has made assurances of professionalism during the enforcement of the preventive measures and that people's rights will be duly respected.