Positive attitude & faith in God crucial to COVID-19 recovery - Kazombo

First Deputy Speaker Madalitso Kazombo

First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Madalitso Kazombo who recently recuperated from the Coronavirus has tipped the public that hope and adherence to medical advice are key in recovering from the disease.

Kazombo was diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 3 and has been in isolation at home until 18th January when he was certified negative by health authorities.

He said prior to his diagnosis, he experienced high fever and body pains which he mistook for malaria and took LA on 1st January but still didn’t get cured.

“So I had to go to the hospital where they did advise that I should go for COVID test and that’s where they did diagnose that I had the virus in me so I was given medical prescription which I followed pIus I was also taking the natural remedies ginger, garlic, lemon blue gum steaming as well as doing lots of exercises to make the chest more active because that is very vital.

“But what has helped me a lot is a positive attitude you know; whilst you’re told that you have COVID-19, people think am dead, am dying, this is the death sentence this is it. But I made up my mind that I will be able to recover because I believe in Jesus Christ and God is the healer” he testified

Kazombo advised those with the virus not to panic so that they should not weaken their immune system and that acceptance works

Whilst admitting that it was tough, he indicated that a positive mindset is crucial to the healing process.