Should those who had COVID-19 get the vaccine, govt clarifies

Commander of the Malawi Defense Force Vincent Nundwe

Health authorities have assured that there is no harm for those who recently had the Coronavirus disease and are fully recovered to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Malawi is administering the vaccine to priority groups like those with underlying conditions like High Blood Pressure, asthma, diabetes, HIV, media practitioners,  social workers and people aged 60 and above.

To date, 111,592 people have received the COVID-19 vaccine across the Southern African country.

According to Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health Dr. Charles Mwansambo, the vaccine acts a booster to those that have had the disease.

“There is no contraindication to the vaccine for those that have had COVID-19 disease if they are fully recovered except, for those who had immunotherapy which we don’t give here in Malawi. These are the ones that have to wait for 3 months,” clarified Dr. Mwansambo.

Dr Mwansambo: The vaccine acts a booster to those that have had the disease.

He indicated the response may be exaggerated in a few people who have the jab after COVID-19 infection, but that it is short-lived and not life threatening.

Dr. Mwansambo however observed the benefits of the injection far outweigh the risks.

Recently during the daily COVID-19 update, Health Minister Khumbize Chiponda advised those who have recently recuperated to wait before getting the inoculation.

“If you had COVID recently and you have just recovered, you should not go and get the vaccine. So for those who have recently recovered, let’s wait at home the vaccine will still be there and at the right time you are going to get it,” she said.

She advised the public to continue following the health guidelines even after receiving the jab.

Chiponda said a good percentage of people has received the vaccine and have not reported any side effects with a few reporting mild side effects like fever and body pains which go away with a painkiller like Panadol.