Time to embrace traditional healers-KUHeS


Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS) says time has come for African countries to start partnering with traditional healers.

Acting principal, Prof. Macpherson Mallewa said for ages Africans have used traditional medicine to treat ailments and there is a greater need to collaborate.

“We know Malawi has traditional healers that have worked for many years in treating some of the conditions that are common in Malawi, they know their stuff. 

“If we were to collaborate and partner with them to some degree and get their confidence so that they should be able to guide us on what kind of trees are out there that may have medicinal properties, then that’s the way to go."

Mallewa was said the collaborations have to be done cautiously citing lack of proper regulation of the traditional healers.

“It has to be with caution because not all traditional healers are ethical; the professionalism that we need, that’s why we have to do it with caution but I believe we can learn a lot and we can collaborate to some degree," Mallewa said.