Well-wishers raise K6 million for Poly student eyes surgery


A 22-year old Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) student, Ronaldo Gondwe now has hope to see clearly again as well-wishers have  contributed K6 million to carter for his eye transplant in India.

Gondwe is in his third year studying a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Internal Auditing and was diagnosed with an eye condition called Keratoconus which was affecting his studies up to an extent that he almost dropped out.

After championing the fundraising drive for Gondwe, on Saturday, Rachel Mijiga represented her husband, Wilkins Mijiga to deliver travel documents to Gondwe and his parents.

According to Mijiga, the initial target was to raise K4.5 million, but Malawians embraced the gesture and surpassed it to K6 million.

“My husband has a similar problem, such that when people came across Ronaldo’s situation, they approached me, people like Aubrey Mchulu, Dawn Gowa Nyasulu and others, such that when I told Wilkins, he didn’t hesitate but to champion the campaign. A lot of people have assisted us in different ways. Special mention should also go to Talang Makhecha of Galaxy Pharmaceuticals who coordinated the logistics for Gondwe and his mum, apart from his monetary contribution. We thank you Malawians.

“For now, I still ask all Malawians to pray for Ronaldo to have a successful surgery so that he can continue with his studies and achieve his dreams,” she said.

Escorted by his mother, Mercent Gondwe, who is expected to accompany him as a guardian to India, Ronaldo was all grateful to Malawians.

“I was diagnosed in 2018, and so you can imagine that the past two years has not been easy for my studies since I can’t see properly on the board. The coming of Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise for me as the school resorted to online classes which worked for me. Otherwise, I could have dropped out in he second year,” he said.

His mother was also grateful for the assistance as she said her family could not manage to raise the funds in two years, but Mijiga and others have done it in few weeks.

He was recommended to have a corneal surgery (Deep Anterior Lameliar Keratoplasty-DALK) that is not available in Malawi and has been on a government sponsored waiting list for the last two years.

He is expected to leave Malawi on Monday through Chileka International Airport.