No leniency for motorcyclists-Chimwendo Banda

  • Impounded motorbikes to be released Tuesday

Malawi’s Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda has said there will be no leniency in ensuring that motorcyclists who ply their businesses on the roads of Malawi adhere to road safety rules.

Over the past couple of weeks, police have been impounding motorcycles that are not registered and were being ridden without a licence.

The riders took to the streets to protest the move by government arguing that their businesses were being affected.

But responding to their concerns during question time in Parliament, Chimwendo Banda said his ministry and that of Transport are conducting meetings to sensitise the riders on the need to take care of themselves and their customs.

“There is no shortcut when it comes to licensing motorcycle users,” said Chimwendo Banda, adding motorcyclists use the same licence and roads as motor vehicle drivers.

He added that the Ministry has worked out a partnership with an NGO that will provide lower drivers' training fee from MK150,000 to MK20,000 to make sure the riders are trained and registered.

He added that the impounded motorcycles will be returned to their owners by Tuesday next week, at no fee, after concluding the sensitisation meetings through their associations.

“They’ll go through a training, register their motorcycles within 30 days. No one will be allowed to use a motorcycle without a crash helmet and this is a must.

“No passenger will be allowed to ride a motorcycle without a crash helmet, there will be no compromise,” he said.

No motorcycle will be allowed on the roads without being registered

Reports indicate that the increase in the number of motorcycles on Malawi’s roads has led to an increase in the number of road accidents.

Most MPs who spoke after the Chimwendo Banda applauded government for bringing sanity on the matter.