President’s speech offers nothing new-DPP

Bright Msaka DPP parliamentarian
  • Let the present Govt run this country without blaming the past

  • There is absolutely no hope of things changing for the better

Malawi's opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has described President Lazarus Chakwera's State of the Nation address as a lost opportunity as the presentation lacked the transformative leadership the country expects from him.

According to DPP legislator Bright Msaka instead of a national address, President Lazarus Chakwera was supposed to report what has happened in the past, current state of the nation and the future prospects.

Listening to the speech, Msaka pointed out very little or nothing being achieved in the past months and presently, noting the nation is in a mess and the future looks hopeless.

He stressed that he respects the President who was a good critic when he was in position but is certainly not a performer in finding solutions to challenges.

“So he knows what is needed, probably he doesn’t know how to do it; that is a challenge of this government. So we were promised jobs nothing has happened, he  said this 250 days ago when he made his first State of the Nation address. When you look at that and kind of even if he had said we had created 100 jobs, 1000 jobs, we would have been impressed that there is hope for the future; but no report on the jobs created in the one year and therefore how do we have the hope that the future holds any prospects for this country?

Chakwera being welcomed by Speaker Catherine Gotani-Hara

“So if you listen to the speech sorry to say, that house today was extremely subdued even on the government side; no standing ovation because there was absolutely nothing new that was said.

“2000 secondary schools something that was launched by Peter Mutharika is that a new achievement? Malawi 2063 which is a localisation of the Agenda 2063 for the Africa we want also launched in Malawi by Peter Mutharika what is going on?

“I didn’t hear anything new and that’s why I said there is absolutely no hope of things changing for the better,” he stated.

Msaka also laughed off the K228 billion in arrears owed to the private sector which Chakwera said was left by the Peter Mutharika’s regime and the new administration is trying to settle.

“The excuse that I found empty coffers listening to every leader every President that runs this country starting with Dr. Banda himself said he found the coffers in 1964 empty. Is that an excuse? Let the present government run this country without blaming the past. Why did they take over government if they had no intention of fixing things?"

He faulted the promises of a road between Mchinji roundabout and airport, the road between Lumbadzi to Mzimba turn off, Mombera University and wondered if these are new.

Msaka stated that he is yet to find a reason to listen to the speech because the President did not give any facts to offer any hope for the nation.

“Everything seems to be at a standstill; this country cannot achieve the Malawi we want; the Malawi we want through what we heard this morning,” he concluded.

Members of Parliament are expected to start responding to the SONA when they resume their meeting next week.