Attorney General joins Registrar against UTM registration

charles mhango

Four days after the High Court ordered the registration of the United Transformation Movement (UTM) as a party, the Attorney General has joined filed a joint appeal with the Registrar of Political Parties against the judgement.

On Friday, High Court Justice John Chirwa ordered the office of the Registrar of Political Parties to rescind is decision of refusing the registration of the grouping as a party within seven days.

But in joint appeal against the judgement, the Registrar of Political Parties and the Attorney General argue they are dissatisfied with the decision which was delivered by High Court.

On September 13, the movement applied to have the grouping registered as a political party as the law stipulates.

But the registrar general's office rejected the application on the grounds that the grouping applied to be registered as UTM and not under its full name, United Transformation Movement.

The Deputy of the Registrar of Political Parties Chikumbutso Namelo said the movement deliberately presented registration documents in the name of UTM.

Lately, the Attorney General’s office have come under close scrutiny after the office bearer Charles Mhango has been accused of being politically biased.

The AG's duties include taking up litigation on behalf of government and government departments.

But activists have raised concern over Mhango's impartiality as he has been previously participated in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) activities.