Atupele's 2019 runningmate not in UDF-DPP alliance

Mwenifumbo and Muluzi during campaign trail

Aford's Frank Mwenifumbo who stood as running mate for United Democratic Front president Atupele Muluzi has said he will not be part of the Democratic progressive Party-UDF alliance saying his followers have stopped him.

Mwenifumbo was absent from the announcement of the alliance which took place at Kamuzu Palace on Tuesday, an indication he was probably not part of the alliance and he has since confirmed that he is not.

The former Karonga Central MP said he came up with the decision after consultations.

Addressing what the next step for him will be, Mwenifumbo said they will have to sit down and map the way.

Despite severing ties with the UDF Mwenifumbo has expressed gratitude for the time he worked together with Muluzi and said he learnt some leadership skills.

The relationship between Aford and UDF was a flop as it produced relatively low results for both parties. In fact, there was chaos in Aford as Enock Chihana son of the party's founding father was alongside Mwenefumbo claiming its presidency.

Muluzi has been working with the DPP government supporting its development agenda. During the announcement of the alliance the two parties did point out the obvious that DPP came out of UDF.

President Peter Mutharika said the two are contemplating on a coalition as the country goes to fresh elections on May 19 after the 2019 elections were nullified by the Constitutional court.

Mutharika is contesting the nullification at the Supreme court and has been going to town with restoration marches over his parties’ grievances of the ruling.

Among some of the grievances include the bribery attempts on the judges and relationship between the judges and petitioners.