DPP hires 14 lawyers for its supporters


.Mulli urges supporters to retaliate violence

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says it has hired 14 lawyers to represent any case involving its supporters ahead of the forthcoming presidential poll.

DPP senior member, Leston Mulli, who is also Mulakho wa Alhomwe Chairperson, says the 14 lawyers are on standby to represent any party supporter accused of breaking the law and those that will be attacked by the opposing parties.

This is contained in a in a video clip that has gone viral on social media where Mulli was speaking on Wednesday at Mzuzu Grand Palace Hotel during the party’s strategic planning meeting with party leaders from all districts in the Northern Region.

Mulli, who was accompanied by DPP Vice President for the Northern Region, Goodall Gondwe, Secretary General Glezzeder Jeffrey, Treasure General Jappie Mhango and Regional Governor for the Northern Region, Reverend Christopher Mzomera Ngwira among others, has since asked the supporters to fight back whenever they have been attacked alleging the police will defend them.

goodall gonwe
DPP's Goodall Gondwe at the meeting. Photos by Gracian Jeke-Mana

“Let me agree with you RG [Regional Governor] that if we are attacked we need to retaliate. Let us not just watch because that will hit us hard… We have recruited 14 lawyers for this exercise. Anyone who contravenes the law or has been attacked we have lawyers on stand-by to make sure the law takes its course. Also the police officers are there to support us big time. But if we don’t give them [police officers] relevant information they will not assist us. So we need to make sure that we alert the police on these issues,” said Mulli in the clip amid ululating and hand clapping from the participants while Ngwira nods in agreement.

The flamboyant businessman also urged the regional governor to be reactive whenever an incident involving its supporter has been reported for action.

“Some district governors don’t even know police officers and district commissioners. Is there anybody who can refute that DPP is the ruling party? …so everyone who is going to be attacked in your area, first priority is to report to the [Regional] governor.

christopher mzomera ngwira
Rev. Mzomera Ngwira addresses the party's leaders

“If the constituency governor calls you that one of our supporters has been arrested or assaulted, immediately rush there. If the governor cannot handle it then take it up to the secretary general, treasury general, Goodal Gondwe and I am sure that issue will be resolved because they are influential people. But if you are in doubt you can even engage Gogo Nyenga [Mulli himself], I can also intervene if the need be,” he said.

Last week Ngwira also asked his party's supporters to fight back harder if attacked by opposition parties.

Of late DPP has been strategising on how to convince people in the Northern Region after President Peter Mutharika shunned visiting the region for over a year now due to security concerns.