DPP should forget returning power in 2025-Political analyst

Blessings Chinsinga

Academician and political commentator Professor Blessings Chinsinga has ruled out Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) making a comeback to power in 2025.

Chisinga said unless the DPP reorganises themselves and replace the Mutharika face and identity with someone who has a better track record, they should forget it.

He was reacting to former president Peter Mutharika’s claims that the party will make an unprecedented comeback.

Posting on his Facebook page Mutharika said: “I will never leave you and I will always fight with you till the end. Come next election, DPP will be bouncing back in government and I will render all my support to make sure this is achieved as we did between 2012 to 2014.

"Malawians have already seen that their much-touted change has not brought them the change they were looking for. I therefore call upon all DPP supporters to remain strong and vigilant, united and principled so that we achieve this together,” reads the post.

Mutharika: I will be back

Chinsinga pointed out that Mutharika was ousted from power because of his arrogance. In the lead up to the fresh election on June 23 Mutharika and the Judiciary had run ins to the point he forcibly retiring the Chief Justice.

Corruption was also the order of the day with looting allegedly amounting to over K1 trillion according to incumbent President Lazarus Chakwera.

Chakwera said the looting during DPP era was worse off than the Cashgate scandal which took place in People’s Party rule as it only amounted to billions of kwachas being plundered.

Power circles in the DPP have started crumbling with arrests coming in from all sides and the party has cried political persecutions.

From political organising secretary James Chuma to Regional governors like Mzomera Ngwira to security bandits infamously known as the Super 16; a paramilitary group of the party on charges ranging from fraud, money laundering to theft, assaults and disturbing public peace the shake up will leave the party vulnerable.

Mutharika himself has been questioned by Fiscal Police on his knowledge of the K5 billion cement scandal where his Tax Payer Identification Number was used to make the tax-freee purchase under presidential privileges. He has vehemently denied involvement.

Chisale: arrested for allegedly using his boss TPIN in K5billion cement scandal.

The former president's security aide Norman Chisale has been arrested and given bail worth K10 million bail bond.

Malawians have commended the Tonse Alliance government for its zeal to root out corruption and have been shocked by the level of impunity under the DPP administration.