#UTMCP Rage Day: Will you stay home or go to work?

Streets of Malawi without demonstrations

On Tuesday, the Malawi Congress Party and UTM Party announced plans calling on Malawians to boycott work on Friday to rage at President Peter Mutharika for not firing Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah and team.

The two parties came up with the strategy as a way of circumventing the coronavirus precautionary measure set by government barring congregation of over 100 people.

But cross section of Malawians voicing out on whether they will boycott their work have vehemently said they will not while others are saying if they will not go to work it will be for reasons of their own.

The contention is on how employers will react and what will happen if they get fired citing the gloomy economic outlook which has been fuelled by the implication of the coronavirus.

Hugo Mlewa said: “The reason is not enticing enough. When calling for civil disobedience one has to consider factors that would stir enough anger to warrant persistent action and results. One day show of anger won’t change the status quo. Jane Ansah factor is slowly losing salt.”

Andy Walker in his response: questioned: Why would I abscond my work? Cause of overzealous politicians want us to? Iam not mad, I respect my job.”

Maxwell Nyakwawa looked at the unemployment aspect saying: “The way jobs are scarce to find and you would want to play foolish like that?"

Most of those who commented said they were afraid they would be fired by their bosses while the rest emphasised on finding another way of solving the problem.

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) have since May 21st, 2019 election results were announced gone to the streets to demonstrate for Ansah to bow out but she has remained defiant and is preparing to run the fresh election.

According to some of those who commented, if HRDC momentum could not force Ansah to honourably resign as they wish, will staying home have any effect at all?

The Malawi Confederation of Trade Union (MCTU) also faulted MCP and UTM saying the way to go about the issues is not to violate contractual agreements which workers have by not showing up to work.

MCTU’s Luther Mambala said absconding to work is a breach of contract.

There is another school of thought which is supporting the move by MCP and UTM but they are a few.

What will do? Will you stay home or go to work?