Joyce Banda's PP fires back at APM

Joyce Banda

Peoples Party (PP) has told Malawi's former president Peter Mutharika to desist from dragging his predecessor Joyce Banda into his problems.

The party said it was dismayed with assertions made by Mutharika during his press briefing on April 17 at his home in Mangochi where he referenced Banda in validating his claims of being mistreated by the current government.

“It is sad that he is trying to gain public sympathy by drawing comparisons that are untrue. We would like to remind Professor Mutharika that his administration denied Dr. Joyce Banda most of her benefits such as personnel, vehicles and residential assets as espoused in the statutes,” reads the statement.

Publicity Secretary, Ackson Kalaile said the Mutharika administration should have prosecuted her if she had any issues but pointed out they failed to proceed because there was no evidence.

Kalaile said Banda never hid behind anyone when accusations against her were uttered or taken to court for proof.

“We in the People’s Party freshly remember the tireless emotional persecution Mutharika unleashed on Dr. Joyce Banda, Since his first day in office Mutharika tried in vain to establish a direct link between her and the infamous Cash gate scandal. He and his lieutenants told Malawians that they had CCTV footage at Kamuzu Palace where Joyce Banda was receiving money from cash gate suspects. Malawians are still waiting for that footage,” reads the statement.

Kalaile said Banda was exonerated by Anti-Corruption Bureau and called on Mutharika not be scared if he did nothing wrong and the law will determine his fate.