Weak opposition a threat to Malawi's democracy-Prophet Mbewe

  • Old greedy guards should pass on mantle to energetic youths

Freedom of Worship Association Movement (FOWAM) has said the state of democracy in Malawi is under serious threat because of the chronic divisions in the Democratic Progressive Party, the main opposition party.

DPP is rocked by infighting over who will take over the leadership from Peter Mutharika with different camps squaring off in public and in court.

President of FOWAM Prophet David Mbewe on Thursday said the opposition is key to checks and balances which is an integral recipe of a mature and complete democratic dispensation.

"It ensures that acts of the ruling party are not detrimental to the interests of Malawians. Government may take advantage of such divisions to make decisions that may infringe Malawians because of being unchecked," Mbewe said.

In his op-ed made available to Kulinji.com the prophet gave a typical attestation to this being the performance of late president Bingu Wa Mutharika (MHSRIP) during his first term, a time that Malawi registered the most vibrant opposition in Parliament.

"The unfortunate part of the divisions in DPP is that they are being perpetrated by the old, greedy, outdated, irrelevant and recycled politicians who are not willing to pave way for the young leadership that can rebrand the party and maintain its strongholds just as MCP did in opposition for two decades plus."

The significant manifestation of effects of DPP's divisions is how it has lost its two seats which were held by some of its top members in Nsanje Central and Nsanje North. 

"Losing numerical power in Parliament because of resolvable differences is unhealthy to our hard earned democracy. It's time that DPP's youths must never again be divided for their destiny but rather motivated for leadership to protect their party from vanishing from the political scene.

"This is the time to ensure smooth transition democratically without imposing anyone on the people, get organised, regroup, rebrand and serve Malawians by vigilantly and constructively perform the noble duties of holding government accountable," Mbewe said.

There was no immediate comment from the DPP