British Council Malawi's library goes digital


The British Council has launched a digital library in Malawi in response to Covid-19 and ensure progression of its efforts to providing resources that connect Malawi to the UK and beyond.

This new resource will provide users with access to thousands of entertainment content and academic resources - including online study resources, popular eBooks and audiobooks and award-winning movies and documentaries.

Vera Ng’oma Country Director for Malawi said the online library has many resources and is accessible to people from all walks of life.

“You know the British Council many years ago had a physical library, which we closed and was by far the most popular  we have been thinking all these years about what is the best way to comeback with a product that meets those needs in a modern era, fitting a wider group. 1000 plus resources to cover students, civil servant, entrepreneurs.

Digital library members will also have access to magazines and newspapers, comics and graphics novels from around the world and online learning resources.

With several teaching centres and physical libraries temporarily closed, the online library aims to support English learners with free resources that can help improve their language skills. 

“We always started with our target audience and we are keen to make sure we are supporting our target audience, to develop the skills in the learning they need to meet their aspirations. Our focus is on the young people; 18 to 35 years; we are talking about anyone with a desire to do anything with their life; these covers, music, fiction, non-fiction and a whole variety,” Ng'oma said.

Deputy Minister of Labour Vera Kamtukule said the world of work is changing as employers are looking for something different all the time, and they seek fully baked individuals.

“When you are coming into a company you need to step up to the game whether or not you like it, so learning is a continuous process. the digital library comes in to cover the gap; you may not learn everything in school but, you can access information that will ensure that you are relevant in the work place,” she said.

Kamtukule said this gives government opportunity to see areas they can venture into as Malawi is unique.