E-ticketing project to help BCC with revenue collection, traffic congestion


Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) and Blantyre City Council (BCC) have embarked on an automated car park management system to deal with revenue leakages in manual collection of parking fees.

The 10-year project worth USD 2 million has been awarded to Kenyan company Web tribe mandated to design, build, operate and transfer management.

Blantyre and Limbe zones will be covered encompassing Blantyre Market Car pack, Mibawa minibus terminal, Old Blantyre bus stands and Chilobwe minibus terminal. For Limbe Zone it will cover Limbe minibus terminal, Limbe Market Car Park and Limbe Bus Depot.

current situation in Blantyre

PPPC Acting Director Audrey Mwala said: “Improved revenue for the city council and reduced traffic congestion are among other benefits. For the City Assembly they have used manual in their management of service delivery and that is prone to inefficiency, lack of accountability and of course abuse so instead of collecting 100 percent we are not sure what they collect but the figures will tell when we start from here that maybe there were supposed to be collecting three time what they do now.”

Mwala explained she hoped people witness the development in a few years to come and enjoy the benefits such as safety of cars, protection from damages caused by minor accidents that take place in the traditional parking areas.

Mwala: Blantyre is embracing technology in service delivery

“Malawi, more especially Blantyre is moving in the right direction in embracing technology to improve service provision to the community,” adding the facilities will also have automatic barriers, lay by and shade parking for waiting passengers, improved paving blocks covering the entire parking spaces, modern toilets and shops within the parking areas.

Blantyre City Council Mayor Wild Ndipo said they are trying to move with the times saying they have used paperwork for a long time and need to go digital. “The aim is to bring transparency and control traffic as well. Wherever paper is involved, there are leakages so we are trying to seal those leakages, enhancing revenue collection.

Ndipo: We are trying to move with time, go digital.

Clearing up on why a Kenyan firm was awarded the tender Ndipo said it was an open tender and the bidder won regardless of being outside Malawi and they are happy with the project procurement.

Ndipo could not come up with figure of how the BCC loses off the top of his head: "If you come to the office, we can give you the figures but most importantly you should understand there was revenue loss using paperwork."

Webtribe Chief Executive Officer Danson Muchemi via Zoom made an elaborate presentation detailing the project kicks off November 9, 2020 and is expected to come online the first week of January, 2021.

Muchemi: Project will create jobs

Completion of civil works, paving of parking lots by April 2021, completion of fixture installations barriers, shades.

Social amenities which will be in the parking lots, toilets and shops will be completed in August 2021.