Sparc systems touts education service growth

Sparc Systems Limited

The effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease have seen most local institutions including Government realise the need to use local solutions. One of Malawi’s top Information Communication Technology (ICT) companies, Sparc Systems Limited has disclosed that its education services have seen tremendous growth.

Sparc Systems managing director, Wisely Phiri said at a press briefing on Wednesday that the effects of lockdowns in most countries have forced companies to seek local solutions as they cannot travel but have virtual meetings.

Phiri said this has prompted the local companies to seek virtual online skills training services for their staff from Sparc.

“A lot of companies are coming to us to develop software for them such that we have ended up employing more people for the software division.  Initially we had 50 percent of the workforce of engineers were from the infrastructure, as of now software is also catching up with them.

"Initially we were training on average five people per month. As of now on average we train 13 people per week. So, we have seen a growth of over a thousand percent. As of now as I am saying we have got 14 people being trained currently, 10 that we have at our training centre, they are having hands-on training and others that having online training,” he said.

Sparc Systems Limited
Training in progress. Photos by Benjamin Maona

Phiri said COVID-19 has been a blessing in disguise not only to Sparc, but even the country as companies now realise the need to invest in our locally available solutions.

“We have tried to prove that these solutions we can have them internally even from the time I was ICTAM president, but companies still opted to go outside. With COVID-19, they do not have option.

"We have got divisions within the company, the infrastructure side involving the installation, Implementing, and supporting. We have the software development department, the cyber security, and the education services which is there to train and certify.

"So, we have our own trainers, but we do not do our any syllabus. For example, if today I want to teach CISCO, the Syllabus will come from CISCO and we register these guys from CISCO so that they we should be able even to write and certify,” he concluded.

Sparc Systems Limited is a multi-product and multi-division system integration company operating across Africa with physical offices spread across Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda.