New data bundles rates out Thursday


Malawians should gear up for new data bundles come April 22, 2021.

Minister of Information, Gospel Kazako on Tuesday said they have made headway in negotiations with mobile service providers.

Kazako, posting on Facebook told Malawians: "There have been high spirited  meetings the past 55 days after my Ministry directed MACRA to engage Airtel and TNM on the issue bordering on abuse of the public through exorbitant data prices.

"We have made some progress, new data prices will be announced on Thursday, 22nd April, 2021. The negotiations are an ongoing process to ensure we get to the expected and  acceptable level."

Kazako has been championing the Data Must Fall movement saying Malawians are being 'skinned alive' on charges.

Mobile service providers TNM and Airtel have always backed themselves up citing taxes to government. 

The two companies have made billions in after tax profits.

Malawians have welcomed the news with pride. 

Commenting on the Kazako's post, Walter Mwenifumbo said: "Thanks for the 'Data Must Fall' campaign is now bearing positive results.Continue fighting for us HON MINISTER!BRAVO!

Maupo Chibwe said: "Malawi has expensive data bundles on Earth. Milking the underweight."

Others have come up with suggestions for the minister as he continues his negotiations.

Noctela Mwase said: "Please ensure that DATA must not expire. If one decides to keep their money in the bank, the bank does not tell us to use all the money before some day."