PPPC ready to roll out 'free' public Wi-Fi


Malawians should expect 'free public' WI-FI soon as the Public Private Partnership (PPPC) and TNM are finalising tests at proposed sites.

PPPC Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Kabambe disclosed this at a briefing in Blantyre on Wednesday. 

Kabambe said final testing was done last week and sites will go live soon.

According to the plan, 30 sites throughout the country comprising schools, hospitals, libraries and markets will be provided with Internet access of 120 MB/user with and an option for buying more.

"The service provider has completed the network provision to the 30 sites pending commissioning and launch.

PPPC and Gvt PS

"PPPC will also embark on providing telecom signal coverage to some 10 undeserved sites spread through the country. The tenders launched in February and closed in April 2021," the CEO said.

The project, being carried out under the Digital Malawi Project will improve access, speed and rate of connectivity for both the public and private sector.

The arrangement between PPPC and TNM was signed in 2020.