TNM in the mud over disconnection of TikTok, Twitter bundles


Malawians on social media have showed disappointment and disapproval following TNM's decision to scrap off DSTV now, TikTok and Twitter bundles effective on Sunday midnight.

TNM in a statement said the removal of the bundles was due to abuse by subscribers.

This has saddened TNM network subscribers who enjoy using these bundles. Subscriber’s questioned why TNM has put the blame on them.


Dennis Richard reacting said: “You need to hire proper economists because there is no way you can remove something that is selling high and bringing in a lot revenue.

“Mind you it’s a time that we have a pandemic and most people are indoors and tick tock is what keeps them busy find ways to maximise profits not this."

Here are some memes and reactions to the removal of the data bundles.



"TNM playing the victim that their other bundles were being abused while it's them stealing the k1's the moment you recharge your phone 😭"

"TNM Announcing "Twitter bundle discontinuation" on Twitter.. It's the audacity for me 🙌🏽😂"

Even TNM ambassador, musician Eli Njuchi has been caught in the cross fire

"Boys!.. If you see anything afilliated with TNM, Shoot!.. including @Eli_Njuchi ."

However, TNM said those who already purchased any of the bundle packages will continue to enjoy the services until their validity expires.