Twitter locks Donald Trump's account for 12 hours amid chaos in Washington

Trump supporters

Twitter has locked Donald Trump’s account for 12 hours, claiming the president violated the platform’s Civic Integrity policy.

The move is an extraordinary break between Twitter and one of the platform’s most famous users. The censure comes as politicians begin to return to Capitol Hill as the National Guard clears out Trump supporters who had stormed Congress.

The U.S. Capitol was finally secured on Wednesday, hours after supporters of President Donald Trump invaded the halls of Congress to disrupt the confirmation of Joe Biden as the next president, according to the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives.

Protesters had freely roamed through the Capitol complex, including the Senate chamber, where one man stood on the president of the Senate's chair and shouted, "Trump won that election!"

Several law enforcement officials said a woman who was shot by police inside the Capitol building during the chaos had died. A video circulating on social media showed a woman falling from the window of a doorway in the Capitol, apparently after being shot.

Three other people died from medical emergencies that arose during the riot.

Vice President Mike Pence, who had been presiding over the count of Electoral College votes, was rushed out of the Senate as the Capitol complex went into lockdown when Trump supporters began pouring into the building.