Airtel irks Malawians with PaNet MoFaya bundles


Airtel Malawi subscribers have taken to social media, fuming over the telecommunication company's announcement, that the much touted PaNet MoFaya promotion period is over.

Airtel Malawi said the promotion end comes with a consequential volume reduction of 45 percent on the current MoFaya bundles. 

The revised PaNet MoFaya bundle prices and volumes will be effective this Wednesday.

A statement issued on Sunday morning read: “The final portfolio for PaNet Mofaya bundles has been set, with a consequential volume reduction of 45 percent on the current Mofaya bundles. The prices will remain unchanged.”

Introduced as a way of getting back at competitor, TNM which came up with Pamtsetse promotion, the 90-day trial run from May 2nd 2022 until 31st May 22.

It was extended to further monitor developing usage trends according to the statement.

The notice

Kondwani Mwenda wrote: "A company too big enough to give you a smile in the name of promotion is also strong enough to rob you the same smile...; They come with sweet talks, come with promotions to coax up customers when they see that they have made a lot of profits of 150%  they start informing you they have reduced ....they will tell you they have maintained the price but reduced ma GB what's that? You remember Yabooka? etc. Karl Max theory in my mind."

Julie-Ann-Hendriks Seath did not mince her words calling a spade a spade: "Basically, you just doubled the price of current rates/GB. Don’t call it “a volume reduction”. Call it what it is: “a price increase.”

Mpha Nyati was not thrilled and suggested: “The reduction is too much, you should have reduced with a quarter for the whole volume. 4GB should have been 3GB.”

Daniel Nyirenda is a student and made a plea: "MoFaya has offered a lifeline to many of us, who at first couldn't afford to stay connected. These bundles are especially critical for college students and others who rely on the internet to operate."

Many have suggested of switching to TNM as its Pamtsetse is still intact.

Other have commented to say TNM could also be going the same route but for the moment, the market share is changing.