Account for every penny spent on the Presidential Election case

Justice Jane Ansah

After toiling with the presidential election case at the Constitutional court for nearly eight months, the legal teams for UTM Party and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) will be smiling all the way to the bank where their pockets will be lined with a total of just over K7 billion, following a determination by the courts. Malawians have been reacting to the decision using various platforms including social media. Here we present the thoughts of one Andy Kamkwalala taken from his Facebook wall:

What we require is a detailed accounting of exactly how much Malawi Government by itself directly and through its agent the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) and the judiciary spent on the Elections Case. And what this number adds up to when you include this K7 billion tax assessed on the Commission.

And then, we will have an idea of how much is ‘too much’ and probably we can open a discussion on what needs to be done to obtain accountability from those who willfully (by complicit premeditation or utter negligence) created this problem in the first place.

MEC leadership and the Commissioners who presided over and enabled this mess must be brought to account. It is the only way officials can begin to learn that the choices they make carry with them the burden of responsibility for accountability.

I bet some of those preacher commissioners are busy preaching ‘righteousness’, ‘accountability’, ‘diligence’ and ‘truthfulness’ to their congregations.

I heard of a former President of the US who at some point during his presidency, addressed an exclusive meeting and declared that if the people knew what “'we have done here’ they would be chasing us in the street like dogs”. Those commissioners and those in the MEC leadership that made this mess possible must be chased down the street into the courthouse.

Wouldn’t it be great to be a fly on the wall and witness the interaction between MEC CEO Sam Alufandika and the Commission Chair when he the (CEO) presents the memo for authority to settle those two bills? What does he write in the memo? Does he walk in and have a verbal discussion too, what gets said?

And then if MEC actually has monthly or quarterly reviews of management accounts, what gets said every time they come to the fines and penalties account code for the remainder of the year?