From the Balcony: When the DPP washed its soiled linen at a presser

Brown Mpinganjira

The scenes from Crown Plaza hotel in Lilongwe on Friday where the Democratic Progressive Party had been scheduled to hold a press briefing are some what disconcerting.

In case you missed it read the full story here. But briefly the party’s spokesperson Brown Mpinganjira and a couple of other party bigwigs probably sent by their leader and Malawi's former president Peter Mutharika were roughed up by some angry cadets who accused the gurus of destabilising the party.  

That the cadets rained terror on opponents when they were in power is well documented despite the party’s protestations. But that the notorious cadets would then do then go on to inflict the same on their own flesh regardless of the divisions that have been rocking the party shows a deeper level of fragmentation and discontent!

They just took the idea of washing dirty linen in public to a whole knew level! 

It is possible that the roughnecks were sent by some disgruntled party bigwigs as Mpinganjira and others claimed at the presser. 

But it is also possible that they were acting on their own volition repulsed by the direction the once mighty DPP has taken. Repulsed by the tendency of politicians to sideline those who have sweated blood, worked their way up the political ladder, only to be sent tumbling down with a thud in favour of some new wine. Repulsed that noone who matters is listening. Repulsed that those who surround political party leaders tend to mislead them although I've always wondered how a grown person can surrender their thinking faculties to others.

But certainly, using force to get your point across is cowardice.

Suffice to say for a party that wants to reclaim the reins of power in 2024 this is not the image they should be portraying. This does not say, we are party that has learnt its lessons.

In fact as a party in opposition they need to put their affairs in order to provide the sort of checks and balances that Tonse Alliance government and indeed Malawians deserve. What a missed opportunity.

The actions of the thugs should therefore remind the DPP leadership of the need to quit the work avoidance and focus on what needs to be done. 

But I’m not really surprised that the party does not seem to be in a hurry to put its house in order as its leader loves to take his time and do very little or nothing. 

Komano; if the boxing gloves are coming out even before the convention, ku conventionko kukakhala zotani?

Post Script: Whatever happened to respecting our elders?! Brown Mpinganjira, Francis Mphepo despite their political flaws are senior citizens who by Malawians culture sakuyenera kupatsidwa makofi chonchija🤷🏾‍♀️.