Martse's advice on making it as an artist


Hip Hop artist Martse is a polarising figure in the music arena.

For sometime, he had been regarded a blacksheep, always into beef and an avid clapback king on social media.

He currently has the hottest and most recognisable song out titled 'Mkatimo' featuring Hypen, Barryone and they are on a tour.

Lately he has doubled down on his stance, made peace with various fellow artists he has had entanglements with and been promoting a lot of positivity. 

Friday morning Martse gave out unsolicited advice to upcoming artist and the most important lesson picluef up is have faith in yourself, learn from others, fo it yourself and always recognise the presence of other better thank you to avoid bitterness. 

A message to up and coming artists   

.... (This is my story + My opinion... These are somehow facts though and might work and might not work for some people...♥️)

1. Firstly if you have no faith in yourself no one else will believe in you... Self doubt is the begining of  failure... Alot of my own homeboys Told me my Beats weren't that cool and my voice was dragging but I never took it as a problem.

2. Use available resources don't look down on your fellow friends who have the same goals with you by trying to fit in with already established artists... I learned FL studio from people in my hood and followed a lot of Malawian producers on Facebook I asked everything I could till I started making my own beats coz I couldn't afford paying people hence made my own beats from 'Go Deeper', 'Pin ya Blackberry', 'Grace Chi', 'Mwapindulanji', just to mention a few..

3. When you are coming up as a group understand there's always going to be someone better than everyone... If it's you make sure you guide your friends and cut off the ego and if you have been given a chance to make solo projects accept them coz that might be the only way possible you can pull your friends to the top..

4. You might be a great artist and yet not hit the game jackpot ... Accept the fact that everything comes at its own time most artists end up being bitter and start criticising fellow artists and when they themselves start making a name find it hard to work with other people coz they burnt bridges ...

5. You don't need any artist's approval about a song you are releasing... I still don't understand why people keep sending me their songs and ask me kuti ili bwanji (how is it).. Release it to your Audience let people correct you and then work on those things that they say aren't ok and continue doing what they say is ok