Insanity is celebrating that a visitor has authorised you to use your own stadium


There are some senseless things that only make sense in Malawi and to most Malawians.

Sadly, most Malawians, including those who dangle zoyezela kuchipatala in their ramshackles, rare beards instead of children, and post grades of their kindergarten geniuses on Facebook are notorious for glorifying nonsense.

Such senseless things include Capital Hill and the business community celebrating that the International Monetary Fund has renewed the country’s Extended Credit Facility.

Put simply, it is like a family celebrating that a creditor has been lenient enough to extend a loan facility, which a father of that debt-ridden household is notorious for borrowing. Again and again.

Perhaps, Malawi should have adopted a national anthem from a song whose rylics loosely read: achimwene musaope ngongole/ mukaopa mudzagona ndi njala/ mukaona anzanu akukazinga-kazinga/Izi simakhala zongongola.

It is in us as a people that someone else should help us even for the misfortune we have chosen to inflict on ourselves such as siring children when you have no plan and money to take care of them.

I mean it is madness engaging in private reproductive activities with consent, produce the fruits and then begin to figure out how children born from such an arrangement would be taken care of.

Siring children in Malawi is a burden which we senselessly think is an achievement because, let us face it, most Malawians barely afford making ends meet.

Somehow, we sire children then expect some invisible if not an abstract thing called the government to help us. Typical stone-age rationale that has no place in this so called civilised planet earth.

Being civilized means being able to take care of yourself without being asked, let alone pushed to do so.

And when you are your home, it means taking care of your premises without someone having to inspect the house and threaten you that if you do not clean your bedroom, toilets and living room, you would be banned from hosting visitors.

Such place of hosting visitors in the local football circles is Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe.

For the first time since March last year, the Malawi senior national football team the Flames will be able to host in Lilongwe teams from elsewhere temporarily.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has granted Football Association of Malawi (FAM) a temporary nod to host teams at the Chinese government-built stadium whose loan you, me, your children and their grandsons shall have to repay to Beijing in the next 16 years.

CAF has said for now the Flames can host visiting teams such as Ethiopia at BNS on June 2 2022 on condition that some areas should be fixed.

What is the reaction? Football Association of Malawi and some fans are busy celebrating that an organizsation based in Egypt has sent its envoys all the way to Lilongwe to deliver good news that: “You can now use your own facility as long as you wipe the remaining dirt in the kitchen and bedroom.”

If a visitor came to your home and spoke to you in the manner CAF have to Malawi football, the obvious reaction for the sane whose mental bearings have not fallen off is that of embarrassment.

If we were sensible enough as a football country we should have been embarrassed that it has taken someone from Egypt to remind us the importance of BNS for the Flames players, coaches and fans.

We should be ashamed that we are failing to take care of our own football home that is BNS even when we know we do not have an alternative stadium for high-profile international matches.

We should be ashamed that up to now we have not figured out how to run the stadium as a business.

Unfortunately, we are so naïve to be ashamed. I am not ashamed to say this though.