Kam’mwamba proves too strong for Chazama

Israel Kam'mwamba

Blantyre-based Israel ‘Money machine’ Kam’mwamba proved too strong for the Malawi Defense Force (MDF) boxer Salimu Chazama after knocking him out in the fifth round to defend the welterweight title at M1 Centrepoint in Lilongwe.

Kam’mwamba grabbed the title from Chazama, and has managed to defend it twice after knocking out another MDF pugilist Osgood Kayuni in December.

Chazama popularly known as the Destroyer in boxing circles, failed to make a mark as the opponent was too strong from the first round.

But the worst happened in round five when he was knocked out to give up his wish of retaining the title.

Before the fight, Chazama had challenged that he would show Kam’mwamba new tactics to fulfil his wish.

The loss means the MDF boxer has been knocked out three times in a row from last year end to this month.

He was knocked down by Byson Gwayani twice and later Kam’mwamba.

Ngwenyama Boxing Promotions called for the fight committing K2.5 million.