Bullets, Nomads finally get their buses

Bullets, Wanderers buses

The uncertainty around President Peter Mutharika’s promise to give Nyasa Big Bullets and Be Forward Wanderers buses has now been cleared as the two sides have received them on Monday.

Mutharika made the promise last week during the launch of the stadiums for the two teams that he was going to give them buses same day after the rally.

On Monday, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Francis Phiso handed over the buses at City Motors premises in Blantyre.

With both teams’ officials and supporters, the Minister made the handover, but refused to talk to the media afterwards.

Wanderers general secretary, Victor Maunde and Bullets Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Escort Chinula said they were happy that finally the promise has been fulfilled.

“Much has been said, but to us we are happy that the president has lived to his promise which is a relief to us. We just pray that God should bless him for his kind-heart,” he said.

After the handover, the buses were directed to parade through Ndirande township, a place believed to be home for Bullets and then to Bangwe for Wanderers fans.

The idea to construct stadiums and donate buses to the two teams was not welcomed by other football teams and analysts in the country as they feel the president should not be selective in providing the same.

They argued that since Mutharika uses tax-payers money, it is important to ensure all of them benefit since they also pay tax.

Within the week, presidential spokesperson, Mgeme Kalilani indicated that the purchase of the buses would be used by Mutharika’s personal money.