Ex-Nomads GS suggests Sulom restructuring

David Kanyenda, Sulom

Former Be Forward Wanderers general secretary, David Kanyenda has supported suggestions to restructure the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) to be at par with the modern football governance.

Kanyenda, who is a private practice lawyer made he suggestion through his Facebook page as he was responding to whether or not he will vie for the post of a legal advisor at the country’s football league governing body.

Delegates are set to meet on September 26 to elect a new advisor after Muhamad Selemani who was occupying the seat, was elected executive member of the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) during the December polls.

“… in any event, Am also of the firm view that that the Post of elected (political) Legal Adviser is in reality an anachronism in modern and nimble structures of football administration; eventually it ought to be phased out alongside other posts such as General Secretary and Treasurer General,” he said.

Kanyenda’s stand compliments what other football analysts have been advocating for all along, saying Sulom is unable to develop the league since its crucial positions are run in part-time capacity.

On his candidature for the post, Kanyenda said he is will not contest based on a number of issues including his appointment as a member of the Player Status Committee (PSC) of FAM.

“One core function performed by the PSC is the determination of the status of football players in Malawi in compliance with the applicable Regulations on Status & Transfer of Players (RSTP). In my humble view, assuming the post of Sulom Legal Adviser would be incongruous with service in the PSC due to the potential for conflict of interest in resolution of disputes pertaining to players’ status.

“Furthermore, I am a candidate for the award of the inaugural FIFA Diploma in Football Law in a bid to deepen my understanding of the legal and regulatory framework of international and organised football. My current appointment and academic studies already place me on a unique platform to make substantial contribution towards the growth and development of the local game,” he said.

Meanwhile, two names have been nominated to vie for the post, former Silver Strikers general secretary, Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda and Blue Eagles general secretary, William Nkhoma.