Sulom could use video conferencing at AGM

Tiya Somba

In a world of physical and social distancing, Super League of Malawi (Sulom) has opted to use video conferencing for some of its delegates if push comes to shove, but will go ahead with its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

This comes as Malawi is observing stringent measures to ensure the Coronavirus pandemic does not reach the country and spread.

Sulom said it will adhere to the preventive measures which include limiting the number of people at one place to 100.

Preparations are at an advanced stage and a date will be announced soon according to Sulom president Tiya Somba.

The measures put in place by government would not be restrictive to Sulom’s AGM as the executive will not have more than 10 members in attendance.

The 16 Super League teams send three delegates each, thus 48 in total.

In addition, members of the media are expected to be present, to witness and report on the AGM. 

Clubs have expressed different views with some saying the AGM needs to go ahead as it is essential where as some are a bit sceptical over hosting it with the current situation, this is despite Malawi not registering a case of the virus.

The Super League had to be cancelled following President Peter Mutharika’s directive as football stadiums are one of the most filled up places where social distancing is nearly impossible.