Football fraternity mourns Eddington Ng'onamo


The football fraternity in Malawi mourning the passing of former Football Association of Malawi (FAM) techncial director Eddingtone Ng’onamo.

Ng’onamo, who was until his death CAF coaches instructor, died on Wednesday morning at his home in Chileka, Blantyre.

FAM General Secretary Alfred Gunda, extending condolences to the Ng’onamo family, said he will be remembered for his services to Malawi football as a coach and instructor.

"Actually, he was appointed as the first local technical director from 2006 to 2008. Before him, FAM was employing expatriates for the position. As TD at FAM, he will be fondly remembered for setting up the structures in technical office.

Eddington Ng'onamo
Mourned: Ng'onamo

Ng'onamo was also twice caretaker coach for the Malawi national football team in 2003 and 2013.

“He was also part of the team that developed the CAF B coaching licence manual and was one of the instructors for the group that underwent the course last year.

“His name will always be in the books of Malawi football history. In this sorrowful time, we would like to extend to the family of Ng’onamo our heartfelt condolences. May our Lord comfort you and your loved ones in these trying times. Our prayer is that the soul of Eddie should rest in eternal peace,’ said Gunda.

Former Flames striker Essau Kanyenda posted a photo of himself on his social media pages with the late Ng'onamo and said: "Rest well my former coach at B93 FC in Denmark."

Sports analyst Charles Nyirenda summed up Ng'onamo's life:  My dear friend EDDINGTON did it all. He worked with Malawi Schools Sports Association (MASSA) having been a teacher himself wayback. He gathered football skills as a player and coach while serving with the Malawi Young Pioneers and I recall in the days of Spearhead, a side that played at the highest level of local football and wholly owned by Malawi Young Pioneers, Eddie was one of the lads who served that Club well.

"Later in life, Eddie was to rise and become one of the names to call upon in mainstream Football circles. He's taken charge of the Under 20 national team, senior national team and was also a technical director. Eddie was highly qualified in coaching and he might as well have been someone with most papers alongside John Kaputa who I refer to as Auditor of Coaches.

"In the previous immediate past he flew to Denmark every year to conduct coaching clinics. Having served in various capacities with the National team and Ministry of Sports like Senior National Team Manager, Deputy Malawi Team Manager, Coaching instructor of top grade, Eddie had nothing else to prove. Taking charge of big local teams and delivering victories as he did at Big Bullets and Mighty Wanderers FC, only capped a career that was full of glitter.

"He's now gone and those of us who knew him will never forget his incalculable contributions to the development of the Game. He definitely qualifies to be referred to as a Legend. Eddie will also go down as a very patient person who endured a lot of frustrations but never went public to express his displeasure at the way he had been mistreated. Yes, Eddie was a gentleman and he's departed planet Earth with his integrity intact."