Malawi's golf coach conquers COVID-19, denounces stigma

Dingaan Chirwa

Malawi's national golf coach Dingaan Chirwa has denounced stigmatisation against people who test positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.

Chirwa is one the survivors of the virus and on Thursday he shared his experience on his Facebook page.

My experience has made me believe that you can never be too careful not to contract the virus. I am a golf coach. My job is to meet a lot of students. None of my students got the virus through me meaning we always follow proper protocol when having lessons. If you ask me today where I could have contracted COVID-19 from, I seriously can't tell.

My advice therefore, is that the best you can do is not to stigmatise. This is a pandemic, we are in this together! Instead, get as much information that you may use to fight the illness in case you get infected. Stigma exists, I have felt it. Although it bothers me not in any way, we are different people, others are very likely to be adversely affected. This is the time to be unified. We surely need one another! God bless you and may the good Lord of all mercies heal Malawi and the entire world from this virus!” he said.

Through the post, Chirwa appreciated the support he got from various people including fellow golfers, family members and staff at Blantyre Adventist Hospital led by Dr Disi.

He is the third sportsperson to survive the virus after former Super League vice president and former Football Association of Malawi (FAM) executive member Daud Suleman, and Malawi Boxing Association (MABA) president Pyson Likagwa were also declared negative.

By Thursday, the country had registered 4491 confirmed cases with 65 new active ones.

Out of the total cases, 2137 cases have recovered and 137 deaths registered.