Southern Region Volleyball League GS quits

Charles Msusa

It was a happy moment. Teams that had just outclassed others in the Southern Region Volleyball League (SRVL) men’s championship played in Blantyre were still celebrating their success when general secretary Charles Msusa dropped the bombshell. He was resigning from his SRVL position.

In an interview a few moments later Msusa defended his decision: “The office of the general secretary requires a lot of time for one to dedicate to. Outside volleyball I’m also a lecturer, I also have a fulltime job with Blantyre Water Board.

“I’ve been given more responsibilities, so I feel it’s not going to be reasonable for me to continue more especially with sport. For the sport to win, I needed to pave way for other people who might have time”.

Asked why he had only realised that he had these responsibilities now, he responded: “There is a difference. The other kinds of responsibilities were not as deep as they are now.”

Msusa (L) handing out a ball during the award ceremony

A June report by then Ombusdman Martha Chizuma recommended that Msusa who had been unceremoniously side-stepped from his position as BWB chief accountant should be reinstated.

During the volleyball tournament SRVL had faced a lot criticism for lack of flexibility in handling fixtures for the competition.

But Msusa said the criticism had not led to his resignation.

“Criticism is always part of the sport. That’s the way we’ve lived in sport. 

“We took over SRVL at a time when volleyball was not being played in the Southern region. We’ve resuscitated the sport,” he said.

Kelvin Zulu
Zulu: No comment. Photos by Chisomo Ngulube

The current executive has two more years before it wraps up their four-year tenure and Msusa said he could not wait that long.

SRVL chairperson Kelvin Zulu refused to comment on the resignation.

“I don’t think I would be able to comment on that one yet, because there is no letter than has been written to my office. It is just a verbal statement, we’ll look into it,” he said.