Porous borders worry Mangochi Council

Reverend Moses Chimphepo

Mangochi district council authorities have expressed worry over the porous borders surrounding it saying people in the district are at a high of risk of contracting the coronavirus through illegal entry.

Most of the people in the district ply their trade by going to South Africa which has imposed a lockdown over growing numbers of cases of the pandemic.

This came out during the stakeholders meeting on Wednesday which was aimed at mapping the way forward on how the district will prepare to prevention of coronavirus.

District Commissioner Reverend Moses Chimphepo said the district might design good prevention measures of the virus, but the issue of borders can work as a barrier.

“We have boundaries with Mozambique, our worry is that our borders are not that effective since people can enter anyhow illegally and that can affect our prevention measures,” said Chimphepo.

Mphepo said they will make sure they have health workers to screen people who will be entering the country.

Stakeholders told to play their part as Mangochi is a highly porous district with South Africa and Mozambique-Picture by Mayamiko Majawa

“As district we will sensitise everyone on precaution measures, however I would like to ask all the stakeholders to unite and work together,” he added.

District environmental health officer Kondwani Mamba concurred with the DC saying borders are strategic places that the district will focus first in putting health workers and security.

“We are very much concerned with boarders and Club Mac since tourists land directly at Club Mac, but we will try to put our health workers in those places so that those entering should be screened.

“Mangochi is a district that has large number of people who go to and come from South Africa any time they want some using proper channels of travelling while others not, however there is need of serous prevention campaign to be undertaken,” Mamba emphasized.

Malawi has about over 500 people who are being followed (in quarantine) five of them in Mangochi.

Mangochi is surrounded by Mozambique, the proper boarder being used is Chiponde; however there is also a route to Mozambique through Katuli and Monkey Bay.

Mozambique has registered one case of Coronavirus thus far.