Comedian Nya Uyu says she is broke, blames COVID-19

Nya Uyu

Comedian Nya-Uyu has publicly come to reveal her financial situation claiming she is broke and has blamed it on COVID-19 which has led to bans of live shows in the entertainment sector.

Felistus Ngwira came to light with her Tumbuka skits and made a name for herself in the corporate world hosting some huge events.

She said the ban on public gathering has meant as an artist she is pouring in resource and not generating revenue.

The biggest question which she is looking for answer is: “How to survive” as the World Health Organisations stipulated that countries have to brace themselves the pandemic is going to be here like Malaria and other diseases.

Nya Uyu
Nyau Uyu: This decision is not considerate and must be looked into deeply

"I think somehow this decision is not considerate and must be looked into deeply. Why not enforce laws that people must wear masks, sanitise and all that? This year has been draining, we are spending and yet not generating any income.

“Now the issue has crossed over to closing of religious meetings, don't we think this is the time we need to seek God all the more? I remember a while a go as a country we could hold national prayers just because things were not going right, this is the time we need God likewise. Many people are depressed and living without hope in their homes and they don't even know what to do in order to survive,’ Nya Uyu explained.

She said as an artist life has completely changed and implored on those in decision making positions to make sure they come up with counter measures.

Last month Minister of Tourism, Culture and wildlife Michael Usi said government understand the plight the sector is going through and promised they will look into the matter.

Usi however could not be drawn to come up with a time line or tentative plan on when, what and how the will bail out the sector.